We offer a portfolio of products aimed at different investor profiles, with policies that make your investment transparent, allowing for access to technical, legal and financial information about the project you are investing on.



Profit estimated from current conditions in the market as of February 2016**

The investor acquires an apartment with attractive discounts matched to the amount of their down payment during presale.

The apartment is leased at a rate between 0.5-0.7% of initial price listed (9.3% annual rate*)


Approximate annual IRR of 12.5%*

Bildin Sites has a commercial alliance with Okapital (a firm specialized in property management) to lease a limited number of properties owned by our investors and, subsequently, make them available for rent by the increasing number of executives and workforce arriving into the city of Leon.


Those acquiring an apartment under this model may choose to have their property leased and managed by Okapital.


Note: CPI*

Profit estimated from current conditions in the market as of February 2016


Investor acquires an apartment at current price listed with a down payment of 25%. This payment may be differed, 10% upon contract signing and remaining 15% in installments during construction. 75% balance is paid with a mortgage or in cash at end of construction and registration.



During first months, lease revenue partly covers the mortgage monthly payment. At the 7th year, lease becomes higher than mortgage, thus yielding a positive cash flow. At the end of the mortgage, the property is released from encumbrances with a surplus value, and 100% of lease revenue is for the investor.

Approximate annual IRR: 13% over a 15-year period**

Just as in the Proactive model, through our alliance, the property may be managed and leased by Okapital.

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