Investing in the Bajio region

Why investing in the Bajio region?

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Bajío is a region made up from different states in central Mexico.

It is a highly competitive region worldwide as a result of its economic growth, and policies for innovation and attraction of foreign investment.

In the last three years, the state of Guanajuato, reached nearly 8 billion USD in direct capital investment.

There are 973 foreign companies established in Guanajuato.

460 foreign companies are based in Leon, the sixth largest metropolitan area in Mexico.

Leon has one of the most complete industrial infrastructures in Mexico, and a high real estate capital gain.

Leon offers a relaxed and safe lifestyle, with great opportunities to launch new projects and a big economic growth.



Tawā is a mixed-use project consisting of two 15-floor towers with 58 apartments each, of which 44 measure 67 m2 (721.18 sqf) with one parking space (extra spaces available), and 14 are 85 m2 (914.93 sqf) and two parking spaces.


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